Welcome to Tigeronomy!

Tigeronomy Software has been around in one form or another since the late 1980’s. My first project was an inventory project for a resort back in 1987. It wasn’t long before the amount of work and scope increased. The next few years (early ’90’s) were spent working on multi-user database apps for a Fortune 100 insurance company that were used to recover overpayments and handle subrogation. The application suite provided the client a handsome return on investment.

And things just exploded after that as we all moved from bulletin boards to a better paradigm, the Internet.

I have clients I’ve never met while doing business with them for more than ten years. This is one of the incredible results of the Internet – the ability to match business partners in a way that was never possible before.

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About Tigeronomy

Some of the services Tigeronomy Software offers:

  • Web site design using CSS and Flash striving for consistent experience across the most popular browsers
  • Web interfaces for data-driven applications using Java, Perl, VB.Net/C# and PHP hosted within Apache or IIS
  • Multi-user web and desktop database applications with experience utilizing Jet (Access), Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL
  • Database and application system design
  • Sub contracting services
  • Systems and network programming – including the common TCP/IP protocols
  • Graphic and image design

Tigeronomy primarily performs contractual work but that doesn’t preclude working without contract for smaller projects that don’t have sizeable risk. Through software reuse and the use of appropriately sized technology Tigeronomy can make it easier for your organization to justify that new website, web application or client software.

There’s no obligation for having Tigeronomy evaluate your needs. If that involves a unique idea or software then a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an appropriate tool to protect your intellectual property and protect Tigeronomy. If you don’t have an existing NDA document then Tigeronomy can provide a sample document that your legal counsel can review and use as a template.

Once you have an evaluation of your needs or answer to your problem or inquiry a course of action can be established and alternatives discussed.