Hi, I’m John Mishefske, owner of Tigeronomy Software. Tigeronomy is my programming venture of 20 years designing and constructing a variety of computer systems from single PC apps to large scale web applications for financial, insurance and automotive industries. Tigeronomy has built a wide variety of systems such as comprehensive subrogation and overpayment tracking for a Fortune 100 company, automotive industry inventory and sales tracking, real estate work flow programs, print shop estimate and invoicing apps, concert ticket systems, and home remodeling support systems. I’ve also provided sub-contracting services for other companies and contractors.

The majority of my work is by referral. If you’ve heard about me and are still interested in working with me, well then, just drop me an email. I have discuss links on pages where I’ve provided samples and I’ll try to answer questions as time permits and I always welcome suggestions, advice and criticism.

On the ‘net I contribute assistance to other developers through my role as an editor at UtterAccess and through various UseNet groups though my participation on UseNet is shrinking since my mis-guided ISP (Time-Warner Cable) and other ISPs have dropped support for UseNet newsgroups.

Microsoft has bestowed their MVP award upon me for the last five years (2007 – 2011) primarily for my work with Microsoft Access. I believe Access is a very under-rated tool for developers but, like all tools, the key is knowing which tool is needed and where. In addition to Microsoft programming experience I’ve also worked with many open source and alternate tools like Perl, Java, PHP, etc. Long ago my work involved DB/2, TSO/ISPF, SAS, MarkIV and other mainframe TLAs as well as Apollo’s DomainOS and HP/UX in the unix world.